In planning my day today, this will not be an ordinary Saturday. For any newcomers here that don’t know, we are new homesteaders here. If you like to see photos of horses, sheep, ducks, etc. you can browse my archives. Late last fall we purchased acreage and were out here every weekend building the beginnings of our own home. By mid-winter we were living here full time in our cabin. We’ve acquired more animals than we had in the beginning and we’ve re-joined modern society with the use of such things as running, hot water and electricity. It’s been a journey, one I really need to go back and document more here, but it has been amazing. My family has learned and experienced great things. And family is so important.

If you have a family member, or even a friend that is like family, that has fought or is fighting cancer, please leave me a comment or send me an email. One of my posts here each hour will honor someone afflicted by cancer – that horrible disease that we just don’t know enough about to fight properly.