Since I’m still not completely awake I’ll just settle for being random.

I’ll post a photo of my new hair cut when my pledges reach $44. Why 44? Because I can’t remember how old my Grandpa Howard (my Dad’s dad) was when cancer took his life, because I was so little (4yo) but I know he didn’t make it to 44 years old. Lung cancer robbed me of a relationship with my Grandpa. I barely remember him. I have two foggy memories. One is of him sitting in his leather recliner where he always sat in his living room in the evenings. The other is of sharing an orange soda pop with him in the hospital after he was diagnosed with cancer. He didn’t live long after that, and I was so young, that those are all that I have in my memory.

Let’s work together at changing things – let’s fight the cancer beast and stop the thievery of lives from us and our children.