We lost an animal today. That is not unusual on a farm, I know, but it was still pretty upsetting. It was one of the 4 baby guinea fowl that we acquired this past weekend. It seems something(s) upset their nursery (playpen) and toppled it over on a rather cold and rainy night/morning. They were scattered. A Search & Rescue mission ensued. All were recovered but this little one was in bad shape. Soaked, frail, eyes closed, barely breathing. But as our rescue efforts continued in the house, the ill-fated one seemed to get better and better. Soon he/she was standing, chirping, and back to it’s still a bit weak self – but so much better! And then later on one of the girls brought this one to me and said it was getting bad again. And then within minutes the poor little thing was starting to stiffen and was no longer breathing. I’m sorry that my children have to go through loss, even though it builds character, etc. But it is part of the world we live in, so it’s something they must learn to deal with and understand as best they can – and me, too.

We plan to visit the farm where we adopted the guinea fowl to see if we can get a new 4th one for our wee flock tomorrow, hopefully. This time I’ll try and remember to get a photo.