If that doesn’t make me feel old…. or accomplished.

Previous goals list:

Go for a walk
Dock lamb #3’s tail
-Project work a few hours- _this is now a daily thing_
Spin – if only for a little while
Knit – again, only if a few rows
-Water the garden- _we have little tomatoes! and like 100 popcorn plants!_
Plant some more in the garden
-Call septic dude for M & D and V & M-
Help sister put up mailbox
Finish President’s Park.com

So, not so hot. It appears that I’m mostly going to retread.

Tomorrow’s goals:

Go for a walk
Dock lamb #3′s tail
Project work
Water garden
Plant some more in the garden
Help sister put up her mailbox
Finish “PresidentsPark.com”:http://presidentspark.com
Research recycling some barn wood
Harass the phone company for not showing up for 2 days as promised
Call clinic to check on allergy serums

Watching the trends of my goal lists, what gets done and what doesn’t, is sort of enlightening. Now, the trick will be to put these observations to work for me.

I woke up with a horrible sinus headache. Lack of ZyrtecD, lack of sleep and missing my shots last week are all contributors to weakening me against my allergies, I am sure. Zyrtec D has been acquired, I’m planning to go to sleep soon, and I’ll go for my shots Friday, so long as my serum has been received at the clinic that I go to for my shots – which are monthly now – Yay!!!

Quite a few things have sprouted in the garden: pumpkins, cantelope, watermelon, red/yellow onions, popcorn, cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, yellow straight neck squash, zucchini squash, beans and radishes. Several things have not sprouted and need to be re-seeded: carrots, spinach, green onions, and possible peas.

We picked up a round bale of hay for the horses and moved them back into the upper pasture. Some headway was made on expanding the lower pasture, but not much. The chickens have a larger, renovated coop. And we have added Guinea fowl chicks to our menagerie, 4 of them. I’ll try and get a photo of them tomorrow. I keep reading that they are awesome at eating tic and other bugs – Yay!

I’m off to hopefully wrap up this meandering research project that is a couple of days over due and get some sleep. Tomorrow afternoon/evening will be spent with my 2 youngest nephews after a fairly busy day of project work. Good Night!