Last goals set:

-Go into town to apply for replacement SS Card for Angel- _done and received already_
-Pick up wire for horse/cow pasture & animal feed- _done and built, but need more now_
-Set pole for mailboxes in concrete- _was finally taken care of this weekend, complete with shiny mailboxeS_
-Plant some more in the garden-_some done, including popcorn! but more still needed_
Go for a walk
Dock lamb #3’s tail
Call shearer and setup appointment
Spin – if only for a little while

Well, halfway through that list I felt some sense of accomplishment. Never mind the fact that it has been over 2 weeks and some of that stuff was just done this past weekend. But the second half of the list…. stragglers.


Okay, knocked another one out on the fly:
-Call shearer and setup appointment- _June 13th or sooner if he gets a cancellation_

As HOT as it was today and will be hotter yet tomorrow, maybe I should attempt to schedule a nice early morning walk and a lamb tail docking. There, I typed it _”outloud.”_ So we shall see how that works.

And while on the topic of ‘typing it outloud’, “Christine,”: whose blog I have followed fairly consistently for YEARS, has taken on a month-of-June-daily-blog challenge. And here I am agreeing that I should do the same. Her and I live in a somewhat parallel universe, too. We have much more in common than when I first started reading her blog so many years ago. (Well, years ago for blogging may be relative, but it’s what it is, okay?) We’re the same age, have very similar personality styles, have dabbled in web hosting as well as web design, and both have a passion for photography. She’s also one of the people that ‘hooked me up’ with knitting 4 years ago, and did you see where that led me? There are other things, too, but when your brain is melting it’s a little tough to recall them all. Christine, I’m proud to say, has really followed her dreams and is a FABULOUS “wedding photographer.”: Go! Look! Fabulous, isn’t she!
Our paths do diverge a bit when it comes to specialties. Though I’m not set on mine – I don’t see myself ever doing the wedding photography thing, or even boudoir. But after watching Christine’s portfolio grow, I’m very happy to leave those specialties to her – she owns them! Is it silly that I am so proud of someone that I don’t really know? Ah well, too bad if it is – silly is not so awful anyhow. So someday I hope to grow up and be a photographer like Christine – I’ll just have to work at it a LOT, and find my niche, whatever it might be in the end.

While not a _fabulous_ shot, this was sure a fun and surprising one. I sat outside LATE one night/morning watching a truly amazing lightning storm pass just north of us. It was an almost continuous display – better than fireworks! I finally decided to grab my camera and just shoot it. Seriously. I didn’t grab my tripod, and I barely messed with the settings. I basically hand-held it, aimed towards the storm and just held the shutter down for continuous bursts off and on.


Sometimes spontaneity pays off.

I’ll wrap up with a new and revised goal list:

Go for a walk
Dock lamb #3’s tail
Project work a few hours
Spin – if only for a little while
Knit – again, only if a few rows
Water the garden
Plant some more in the garden
Call septic dude for M & D and V & M
Help sister put up mailbox
Finish “President’s”: