Yes, this is me here, two days in a row…. amazing, I know….

Today was not the greatest of days – but it’s almost over. Tomorrow just has to be better. I’ve been partaking in allergy shots, since last June, every week (well, almost). I have 3 shots, I have so many allergies, but it would be *SO* worth it if after some time I am at least less allergic than I have been the past 8 years. My worst season is spring – tree pollens scored highest on my allergy test. Last spring was pretty horrid for me, to the point I ended up at urgent care and left with Vicodin. That after already taking 2 or 3 courses of steroids to reduce the out-of-control swelling that was squeezing me brain and causing me pain that I can only describe as feeling like I have knives jammed into my forehead. Yes, that horrible. And I’ve been told I tolerate pain quite well (remember, five times at bat for child birth ;-) .

So, anyway, this was just supposed to be a minor whine, that I endured one of those not-so-fun headaches today, that rendered me almost useless for the majority of the day.

Luckily I approached coding last night, before this headache attacked, and redesigned my blog here. I’ve gone for the sweet and SIMPLE. I plan to change the graphics and do some more noodling around with the template, but I was rusty and looking for a quick entry. I think this one does the trick. I do tend to twitter more these days, so I wanted that to have a prominent place in my sidebar. I also didn’t want the whole page hanging up if “Twitter”: took too long to load – so I found a “nice script.”:

One of the joys I must make sure to mention here that has occurred in the past few months is that we’ve seen a dream realized. We moved out here from California so that we could raise our children up with their cousins (sister’s children). Now that is truly happening, since my sister is now my next door neighbor!!! I can’t tell you how blessed this makes me feel – and I already considered myself bountifully blessed. We can ‘holler’ to each other from our porches, our kids play together, learn together and are truly growing up together now. It’s awesome! I hope and pray that everyone that has a sister treasures theirs as much as I treasure mine – we are best of friends. I am so thankful.

The sad news around here is the transition of our yarn shop. Due to so many circumstances, not the least of which is my health, we’ve had to close our sweet little yarn shop. We are transitioning it, and trying to let it take on it’s new shape. An online shop is in the works – inventory pending this weekend – and possibly making appearances in a few local towns at Extension offices for classes, knit/crochet/spin-togethers, etc. It’s been very hard to take – but I keep leaning on the fact that it’s not of my own understanding as to why dreams take different paths than we plan for them to take. Everything happens for a reason – and we were SO BLESSED by SO MANY friendships and experiences that we surely aren’t leaving any situation empty-handed or empty-hearted. I still mourn for the way things have gone. But I look forward to our next adventures in fiber, wherever they may lead us.

Well, I’d better wrap up and get some sleep – some serious gardening is on the agenda tomorrow, health-willing. Spring is truly here and we need to get the rest of our veggies in the ground. We already planted strawberry and bell pepper starts about a week ago.

Sister planted some tomato starts today. We have more tomato, cucumber, zucchini, and some various flower starts to put in the ground tomorrow. And then the seeds…… I won’t try and list them now – maybe later :-)

Praying for my dear friend, her mama and other friends/family, as I knit on a hat for her mama….