I won’t even attempt a catch up entry – *SO MUCH* has gone on in the past 6 months that I would’ve loved to document and share here. I will attempt to run some back stories now and then in the near future, as I attempt to write more (I’m _in the mood_ once again).

We’re living in our house, it’s still not complete – that’s fun. Sometimes. Almost every weekend this winter, once we made it past the Ice Storm of ’2009, there has been some sort of goal reached. Sometimes it was running water in the house, or the washing machine hooked up, and probably the most exciting – when our electricity was turned on for the first time! It’s been a lot of work, it’s been a lot of growing, but it’s all been good in the end. Well, I guess i shouldn’t say ‘end’ because we are really so very much still in the beginnings of our adventure.

The farm is shaping up. Added to the thrill of finally having the sheep living on the same land that we are, we have added 6 grown chickens,
25 baby chicks (or chicky-babies as I affectionately refer to them),
4 ducklings,
1 angora rabbit (the one we’ve had for several years but had been separated from us for quite some time) and 3 horses!
We still plan on adding a few cattle, some goats, maybe pigs, I’d like some turkeys, and probably more.

We’ve had our first babies on the farm! Surprise lambs – 2 of them, so far, but at least 1 more on the way as Mama C (Cleopatra) is wide as all get out. I’m predicting she’ll twin again as she did last year. We didn’t plan on them lambing this year, since the ram that we ‘had’ was merely 6 months old, but apparently he was quite the ladies man. Yin, one of our 2 year old ewes lambed first, about 3 weeks ago(4/5/2009). She bore a very lively black ewe lamb with a white streak down her forehead that resembles a skunk’s stripe. Her most popular name consideration so far is “Flower”, after the skunk in the story _”Bambi.”_
Then the next weekend Starlight (name still pending) who is one of Mama C’s twins from just a year ago lambed (4/11/2009). She had a very tiny pure black ram lamb that fusses a bit now and then but is also very lively and plays quite often with Flower.

I’m so glad I’ve finally succeeded in at least making an entry here. I’ve had so much to say, too, it’s such a shame.. Our internet setup has not worked well out here. We have satellite internet and it’s been very unreliable. It’s currently inoperative, as a matter of fact, so I’m ‘sharing’ with our nice neighbors (at least a quarter of a mile away – astounding that their signal reaches this far – I guess it’s all of the clear air out here). We had signal one day and we didn’t the next. I’ve dealt with tech support (a nightmare!) and even paid a tech to come out and try several things. We still aren’t getting enough signal (maxes at 29 if that means anything to anyone), so I’m beyond frustrated at this point. However, once it’s up and running, and reliable, I do plan on making my statements here more often.

It’s late, so I’m off to knit on a hat for a “very dear friend’s”:http://sternski.com/debbie mama. Now that is something else that’s been lacking – the knitting!