Here is some of what I’ve spun up thus far. It’s not much, but it’s something.

On the left in the picture is some alpaca that is part of my stash that hid from the original photo of the complete stash.

I should weigh all of this fiber.

The 2 skeins shown are some odd bits of white wool – probably merino or something as soft. It was nice to spin.

On the drop spindle is some of the Finn left over from my trial purchase from “Firefly Fields.”:http://www.fireflyfields.com/ I had attempted to purchase a couple of fleece from her 2 years ago but it fell through for some reason and she returned my deposit.
I may purchase the same two sheep’s fleece this year, though! I’ve inquired and they are available. Now to just finalize the deal and I’ll have some lovely Finn to spin.

p=. !http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2340/2659719395_47dbe69eeb_m.jpg!:http://www.flickr.com/photos/starzabove/2659719395/

Here is some of my stash fiber dyed up to be spun. The blue/green is the Blue Faced Leister and the pink/red/purple is some unknown (nice) wool, possibly Merino. The purple/blue on the right is the tussah silk. I dyed it all with kool-aid. It’s easier to dye at home in the evenings, so I stick with kool-aid (it’s safer). I have yet to use the acid dyes that I purchased last year to try at the shop.

Now on the spinning wheel (Joy) is the green/white wool/silk blend.