Wow, it’s been since the middle of June since I updated. So sad, because quite a bit has been going on.

My title explanation:

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We were FINALLY able to get an appointment with the shearer! We had our 4 ewes shorn and we also picked up 14 other sheep fleece (mostly suffolk, most likely to be used for needle felting) as well as a llama fleece (poor Pedro hadn’t been shorn for 6 or 8 years!).

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I’ve joined the “Tour de Fleece”: again after skipping it last year (too busy after just opening “the shop”: ). I plan to spin my stash.

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I have some sad news that I guess I should post, if nothing else for future reference. We lost Blondie, my favorite shetland sheep. She lambed twins on Monday June 16th, a day after we discovered she was ‘accidentally’ pregnant. One twin only lived a day or two, and Blondie only lived 4 days post partum. We are now bottle-feeding her other twin here at the house. She is sweet.

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