Whew! That was a lesson or twelve. I’ve moved servers, (if anyone even noticed ;) and I finally got it all fixed up tonight. I feel like I’ve come back home after being lost for awhile out in the middle of the unknown. Technology – it’s a blessing and a curse on me, to be sure.

The whirlwind that is my life continues to swirl in chaos. I’m still going through the painful process of learning how to let go. It is NOT easy. Earlier this evening was on the down slide, but later this evening it perked up a bit. However I am getting too jaded to get as torn-up the more and more this drags out I’m afraid. This will be a long week, as the end of the month deadline approaches. He’s my first baby….

I forgot to mention our great day last Saturday. We had a BLAST at the “shop.”:http://yarnalong.com It was our _Third Saturday Spinning_ get-together (we host them monthly). We had an awesome group there. A newcomer to spinning on a wheel (read about how she was wonderfully gifted with her wheel at Christmas on “her blog”:http://knittybits-chris.blogspot.com/ ) visited from Tennessee! Her _man_, the one that was amazing enough to surprise her was with, and so I bestowed upon him his verbal “Great husband/boyfriend” award in person, even though I’d already done so over the phone last month. They were great fun and we are happy to have welcomed them into our yarn family. Also a _very_ crafty local gal that’s knit with us brought in an heirloom spinning wheel – held together with wooden pegs and leather bits! It’s beautiful! Several others joined us, some spinning, some knitting, some just observing and enjoying. I look forward to next month’s get-together! Prior to next month’s (Feb. 16th) I have been asked to demonstrate spinning at a Pioneer exhibit that is being held at the local tourist commission building. Such spinning fun!

In knitting, I set out to complete the never-ending-pink-sleeves last night, with great intent. That was until I ran out of yarn just a couple of inches from the top of the cap on them. Ugh! But never fear, I have another ball of it and will finish it tomorrow. I am determined!

Not on a whim but a long talked about plan just executed sort of off-the-cuff, we performed another “Locks for Love”:http://locksoflove.org donation cut. This time MnM was again the donor. She’s just not interested in dealing with such long hair – I think she even has a sensitive head as brushing knots out is horrible for her. She’s beautiful no matter how she wears her hair.

p=. !http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2173/2219536405_701558d81d_m.jpg!