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I finished the mid-month “Monthly Dishcloths”:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MonthlyDishcloths/ group cloth tonight.

I think it’s a pretty pattern. “Details on Ravelry.”:http://www.ravelry.com/projects/starzabove/january-mid-month-dishcloth-kal


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Tomorrow I plan to cast on for “BooHopper’s 2nd Peekaboo Mitt,”:http://www.ravelry.com/projects/starzabove/peekaboo-2 as well as “MnM’s Other Peekaboo Mitt.”:http://www.ravelry.com/projects/starzabove/peekaboo They are going to help me knit them. It will make them that much more special for them and I.

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Tomorrow will be a day off of sorts around the house, but it will also be a day to honor, learn and reflect. The kids will be writing their yearly paper about Martin Luther King Jr. I think it’s very important. They agree with us on our view that civil rights are something worth fighting for, and I want to keep that alive in them. We all need to place importance on the ideals that we have been working and moving towards this past century. We’ve come a long way, but we still have much ground to cover.

A conversation came up with the family recently when _the man_ was talking about some co-workers that were discussing presidential nominees. Sadly, a couple of guys that he works with pretty much said that they would not vote for Obama simply because of the color of his skin. Our kids couldn’t believe nor understand this point of view. It didn’t make any sense to them at all. We had to explain how things used to be, and how there are still a percentage (though shrinking) of the population that are still naive and ignorant about such things. When we reminded them of their impending essays tonight and civil rights came up again, one of the kids said that they were really glad that they didn’t live in those times (of slavery and segregation). Amen. But I believe that only through our children will we continue to move forward on race and other issues.

For tonight I’m going to do some more work on “sweater sleeves”:http://www.ravelry.com/projects/starzabove/gathered-pullover and extending the sleeves and body on a sweater that “Gramma”:http://knittinglakeside.com made for MnM a couple of years ago. I’ve already enlarged the neckband. We’re trying to stretch out the life of it, until she moves up in the sweater queue. If only I could knit instead of sleep! Unfortunately the similar sweater, my first, that I made for BooHopper has disappeared. I had _”done surgery”_ on it, extending the sleeves and body and was about to open up the neck a bit. She wore it meanwhile, and it has not showed up anywhere for a couple of months now. It makes me sad. I guess I shouldn’t be so attached to knitted garments, but it was my _first sweater._

I hope to finish a few things off the needles soon, as I am anxious to cast-on baby things. My nephew will be joining us in just 2 months and I haven’t knit a thing for him – that is outrageous! I’m also helping the girls plan little boy knits for the wee one.

Oh man :( I was planning to jump over the river tomorrow to go and knit with some dear friends that I haven’t knit with for quite some time. I thought opportunity had opened itself, and it turns out in an email that I just read that the other gals are not going to make it. This type of situation makes me yearn even more for a 3rd vehicle – I just don’t have any desire for any type of car payment!

Things coming up this week include:

* meeting with our shearer to discuss flock reduction so that we can relocate the animals to this side of the river – closer to home.
* inventory for the first time at “the shop”:http://yarnalong.com – oh joy.
* starting a block-a-month afghan knit along at the shop.
* showing our house to a couple from St. Louis on the 31st – please, oh please /// let it sell and fast!
* _the Man_ and I celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary on the 30th. We are both most definitely re-upping for another 20 years.