She is getting so big, so fast. It seems like yesterday she was just 9 months old and we were putting the beanbag frog with rubber feet for teething on her head. She giggled so! That is where she got her nickname. And now here she is, grown up into a beautiful 9 year old. But thank goodness she still needs her mama. She is coming down with some illness – headaches, achiness, low fever – and she’s cuddled up next to me on the couch. She’s been right there, up against me, all evening. I hope she feels better tomorrow. But I hope she never gets over needing her Mama.

On _the Boy_ front things are a bit better today, after a heart-breaking night and a long, tough day. He approached me by asking if I was still upset. When I asked him,”Shouldn’t I be?” He replied that he thought so. That’s about as committed as he gets these days. Later after we chatted a bit I asked him to promise me that we would stay friends and that he wouldn’t hate me- that we’d work things out no matter what. He promised.

I had a very uplifting and supportive conversation from one of our favorite customers today. She is so sweet. She has 4 boys, 3 of which range in the 19 to 24 yo age group. She was a great help. One of the great blessing from having a yarn shop – the great friends.

I am going to go and _decorate_ that birthday cake hat and get a better nights sleep than last night.