We had a bad blow-out with the Boy tonight. Letting go is *TOUGH*!

So, in meandering around, trying to keep my mind off of it for a little while and to find something uplifting I happened to click on the link in the side bar under “On this Day… 5 Years Ago”:http://starzabove.com/?month=2003-01-08

Go ahead and click on it, and then click again, but please do come back.

We don’t live in that house, in fact we only did for a year. But it was still a HUGE blessing in our lives. That house came available just when we needed it, and it was perfect for what we needed – a place to bring Grammie to live with us, for her last days.

As we near the 5 year anniversary of Grammie leaving us for a better place, at the end of this month, I’m brought to think of the man God used to give us that house. His name was David. He was a bit eccentric, but a very good person. He treated us like family, even if in his distant way. I remember things like him covering our electric bill for a month when we were more than tight. And him buying and setting up a swingset in the yard beside our place and his (he lived in a smaller house on the same property, so was a neighbor) just for our kids to play on. We would drag him in for dinner once in a great while. He would bring us goodies now and then, out of the blue. He gave the girls a baby hampster after ours passed on. He was a good friend.

Yes, you see past tense in those sentences. David passed away himself about a month ago. It was sudden and sad. He’d been sick for sometime with some mysterious infection that they couldn’t seem to name or cure. He’d been out of work for awhile because of the illness. Then one day he had a heart attack (they assume) and fell and hit his head and that caused a stroke. He was found on the floor of his bedroom – still breathing and heart still beating, but unresponsive. After some days in the hospital, he went downhill fast, and his family (from out-of-town) had to make the decision to turn off the machines that were keeping him alive at that point. We haven’t been able to remember his age, but believe him to be in his late 50′s, at most.

We miss David.

Well, that started out to be uplifting, looking at that beautiful house of his, that we were blessed with, and being so thankful for such blessings. But it sort of meandered around to a sad sort of place.

I think I’ll just go try and sleep again. Tomorrow is another day.