Well I can tell you, my secret pal is a sweet heart! And I hope she/he forgives my absent-mindedness at not posting this sooner, since I received it several weeks ago! It’s a beautiful, Valentine-themed bundle of surprises! I can hardly believe he/she is a beginning spinner! She/he sent a VERY generous amount of some beautiful cranberry merino – I LOVE the color and the texture – and it does NOT look like beginning spinning to me, at all! I think I must knit something for ME out of it – but even just getting to experience knitting this luxurious stuff is going to be a treat!

He/She also sent a GORGEOUS knit scarf that I have been wearing every chance I get, and with the cold we had right around when this came, it has been quite a bit. Sometimes I wear it just for comfort. There is just something about wearing something that someone touched, and put their heart and soul into, making it with their hands, and thinking of ME while they were making it!

And there are many other goodies in there – a beautiful card, a cute and useful tin, a wee little pot with lavender to grow in it, and CHOCOLATE!

The package was just beautiful on it’s own. You can see the awesome pink snowflakes that everything was nestled in, along with tissue paper. What creativity!

h4={color:maroon}. THANK YOU SECRET PAL!!!

I signed up for the Interweave “Spin to Knit
Handspun Secret Pals Swap”:http://www.spintoknit.com/swap/ before my right knee was injured. I have not been spinning. I am still trying my best to take care of the person that I am to spoil. I hope she understands.