Yes, she did. Long story short – we had shut the animals in the barn, with the intent on checking Blondie’s tum, as it appears a bit swollen – possibly ‘with lamb’. I was assured that putting the rams and ewes together in one pasture for a few weeks while we were fencing in at Mom & Don’s farm would be fine to do in May/June, since the Ewes were still nursing and the weather had already heated up quite hot, therefore rendering the rams fairly ‘inactive’. It appeared that the squeak of a chance had possibly gotten by on Blondie. Along with the apparent swelling of her tum, Blondie has also become VERY jumpy around us – it took 3 days to even get her in the barn with the door shut to even attempt cornering her for a check. So we did, and as I was coming in the door of the barn, with the Boy behind me, Blondie was determined as all get out to do just that – get out! She ducked her head and rammed directly towards me – head on into my knee! OUCH! I screamed. And I do mean SCREAMED! Spooked the Boy and Jasmine, I’m afraid. Eventually I did see the doctor – when after 10 days I wasn’t feeling much improvement – and he tells us that he doesn’t see spending money on an x-ray – it wouldn’t be conclusive for my knee – what he says I need is an MRI. Since the Man just changed to a new job a month ago, we are in between insurance. Great timing, eh? That is the only reason I didn’t go to see a doc for 10 days. The doctor came to the conclusion, that since I work from home, and have some help that I could wait the 30 days or so for insurance to kick in and help cover the cost of the MRI (around $1700 he guessed). In the meantime, I am the patient. I am NOT a good patient. I am usually the one taking care of everyone else!!!!

You would think that being sort of ‘laid up’ I would be knitting and blogging up a storm. Not so much. I’m really frustrated most of the time. I am so tired of all of this – I can’t tell you. I _really_ feel for my knitting/spinning friend, Kate, who broke her leg awhile back! It’s my right knee even, so I can’t even drive myself! Argh!

As is probably obvious, this has affected my attitude, and not-so-much in a positive way. So, here I am, attempting to vent about it and do something to change things a bit.

The holidays are quickly upon us! A joyful time! I am thankful for so much, I really am.

P.S. The Man did corner Blondie in the barn the next day, prepared for the ramming he was in for – and his deduction? He thinks she _IS_ ‘with lamb’. Oy vey. We shall see what happenss, as nature takes it’s windy course.