Have you ever noticed how some adults seem like they were never kids?
But we all were, once upon a time. These type of adults tend to intimidate me – of my own accord, since most of the time I feel more like a little kid than an adult. I yearn to have the responsibilities of a child, or I guess I should say lack the responsibilities of an adult.
The other day, one of the kids mentioned being bored. I had to retort with something like, “Imagine that!”, since I hardly remember what the word means. I always feel like I should be doing at least a million things at any given moment.
Even being “laid up” with my knee injury – I just never seem to get enough done.

And there are also adults that seem like they will never grow up completely. You know at least one of them, don’t you?

So, anyway – I have been knitting. Here are a few things that I have knit.


PATTERN: Very loosely based on “this hat”:http://www.diynetwork.com/diy/na_knitting/article/0,2025,DIY_14141_4860628,00.html and “this mitt”:http://siviaharding.com/Mittens.html pattern.
YARN: KnitPicks Bare Superwash Worsted – Hand-dyed bye me, in blues and greens.
NEEDLES: size 7 US KnitPicks Options 36″ Magic Loop


PATTERN: The hat is just a basic rolled brim hat, with the rose based on “this pattern”:http://www.knittingknonsense.com/Knitted_Rose.html and the mitts are again based on “this pattern.”:http://siviaharding.com/Mittens.html
YARN: KnitPicks Swish Superwash worsted for the black and the red is KnitPicks Bare Superwash worsted hand-dyed by me.
NEEDLES: size 7 US KnitPicks Options 36″ Magic Loop


PATTERN: based on various fruit hat patterns
YARN: KnitPicks Bare Superwash worsted hand-dyed by me
NEEDLES: size 7 US KnitPicks Options 36″ Magic Loop


I’m coming upon a somewhat monumental post number here after 4 1/2 years of writing. Here in the comments, please submit guesses as to which number my next post will be and I will pick a prize to send. Either way it will be fiber goodness- the form will just depend on whether you are a knitter or not, since some of my readers do partake of the pointy sticks and some others do not.

So what is your guess?