I suppose most of you reading this blog are looking desperately Starz knitting posts. Well, sorry. I don’t knit very much. I currently cannot recall what I was working on last. It’s that bad. It took me six agonizing months to finish a simple shrug for my cousin.

When I wanna, I can do quite a bit, but I’m just not a knitter. My mother, on the other hand…..

She would rather knit than:
Play Dungeons and Dragons (how?)
Play air hockey
Ride a bike in the church parking lot
Watch TV(she’s learning to do this simultaneously)
Use the computer(multi-tasking this isn’t working out so well)
Do chores(hey, we’re her kids….but still…)
Do the limbo
Drive the car(this one slightly frightens me)
Play computer/video games
Draw a permanent marker mustache on my brother while he’s sleeping.
See how long she can hold her breath.

In fact, about the only thing my mother would WILLINGLY pass up knitting for, is taking pictures of her knitting.

MaskedNicci (I luv ya, mom)

FOR 4:30