The evil, addicting, painful Big Red Button is out to get you.
Yes ofcourse it’s funny, it’s suppose to be funny.
But you never know when to stop clicking!!
I advise you to stop when it hits DO NOT PRESS the second time.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Take a look for yourself:


It’s crazy, it’s addicting, it’s enragingly amusing, it’s:

Oh, and beware of the evil text that wants to cut your head off…
With a toothbrush.

The Big Red Button is confusing sometimes,
and should not be taken if you suffer from dizzy spells,
seizers[sp?], heatattacks, strokes, athsma, or you have a bad habit of breathing.

Only press the Big Red Button when in full health,
to avoid breathing problems in people under 100.
You are advised to becareful how often you use the Big Red Button,
because over-usage may increase your chance of death by 100%.

The side-affects of the Big Red Button may occur over time,
so monitor your daily activities carefully, and watch for changes.
Behavior changes may mean you are allergic to the B.R.B,
and should stop use and contact a phsyciatrist immediately. ^

^ -_All medical or phsyciatric advice given above is false,
and was intended only to amuse large audiences.
Please forgive us for any mishaps involving this information._-

Thank you.

~ Angel