My first experience with the Secret Pal gift exchange was SP5, and my secret pal was the awesome Cathy of “Frog Monkey.”:

And now, as my second SP experience, SP7, is over, I can introduce you to my recipient _spoilee._ She is the wonderful Becky from “MoonlightFrogger.”:

Cats and Dogs don’t surprise me so much. My _spoilee_ for SP5 was the stylish “Kutie Knits,”: where her subtitle is “_One-eyed cat likes yarn and I knit._”
And my Secret Pal from SP7 was, of course, the thoughtful Gwen from “Daisy Do,”: and Daisy is her adorable dog.

Other interesting correlations? All of my SP experience has been from a coastal state, East in SP5 and West in SP7. In SP5 my spoiler was from Florida, and my spoilee was from New York State. In SP7 BOTH my spoiler and spoilee were from my home state of California. In fact, “Becky”: is from the very county I was born, raised and lived in most of my life! I lived for a year in the city she lives in, which is her home town. She’s eaten at the restaurant where the love of my life and I met. Crazy, I tell ya.

And now that I have been _”revealed”_, I can share with you one of the items I sent in Becky’s last package, a Frog cloth: