p{margin-top:250px;}. _A lone tulip I found in our yard has opened up to welcome Spring._


This was my UFO(UnFinishedObjects) list at the end of my first year knitting a couple of weeks ago, along with edits:

-Lapghan #1- _going to leave it as a square, or maybe make a pillow out of it someday_
Laghan #2
Angel Sweater
-Katia off the shoulder top- *FROGGED* _(going to try it with a ribbon yarn instead of dishcloth cotton)_
Blue Trellis
Mystery Stole Along
Black/white mini Clapotis – _may frog, still deciding_
Aran Afghan Squares
Daisy stitch scarf – _may frog, still deciding_
-Clapotis karaoke- *DONE*
Trellis for kamryn
seed stitch & cables hat to-go-with-trellis
Black cable-sleeve shrug
-Red2blue socks- *DONE*

I’ve added to the list “the bolero”:http://starzabove.com/images/94.jpg for “Princess Kamryn.”:http://www.kamrynlily.com I have finished the back and the left front of it and started on the right front:


My four ladies and I are headed to the Lake tomorrow for _the boy’s_ first bass fishing tournament weigh-in. When I talked to _the man_ tonight, he told me that the two of them were seperated in the crowd at the pre-tournament meeting tonight for about an hour. When he found _the boy_ he said he was just hob-knobbing away with all of the anglers. _The boy_ is somewhat of an introvert, but really blossoms when in his element, and it seems that he is there, among his fellow fishing enthusiasts. _The man_ remarked how great it is to watch him in this experience. I so agree, and am *so* looking forward to tomorrow. _The boy_ is a ‘co-angler’, and was paired up with an ‘angler’ (someone with 17 foot or bigger boat with a steering wheel, the boys boat isn’t quite that large), and it sounds like it is a good match. The ‘angler’ says he’s been at this Lake since Wednesday and hasn’t had a stringer with less than 10lbs on it, and that his largest fish was 7lbs. If nothing else, the boy will learn so much from this experience. I’m so proud and so happy for him. I’ve actually yearned for this day, but only quietly encouraged him, feeling that the desire must come from him to follow his dreams. And so it is….

p=. _now to decide what to take for ‘lakeside knitting’…_