Well, welcome to tornado season. Actually, it’s kind of early – the worst storms are usually in April to June, but the season does tend to start in March, and I suppose with the odd not-really-winter winter we have had, an early storm season shouldn’t really surprise us.

First, we had a severe thunderstorm warning, and then it went to Tornado Warning, so I’m looking for everyone ( _He_ was still home, just getting ready for work, thank goodness) and find _Him_ outside on the back porch and I tell him _He_ shouldn’t be outside, that we just went to Tornado warning with a funnel cloud confirmed west of our town and _He_ says we should be in the basement, just as a big branch is blown off of the neighbor’s tree banging it’s way down their garage to the ground (no damage, just a lot of noise). So we all head down in the pouring rain and heavy wind to the basement.
What really gets me is that IF a tornado hat hit our area, it may have been too late at that point.

That was midday, then in the evening we had another round. This one knocked the front porch swing into a front window, only protected by a screen, which now has dents in it.
So, the boy and I ran out and quickly unhooked it from it’s chains and set the swing on the porch and ran back into the safety of the house. Once inside we discovered that the free-standing, metal framed, swing that we have in the back yard had completely blown over:


This is NOT the part of spring I look forward to every year.