Last night at the ‘First Tuesday’ local knit-together was great! Mom and I were able to put more faces to names and meet some new people. One of the highlights of my night was that the wonderful “NeedleFingers”: made an appearance and boy, was she helpful! “Chris”: had mentioned that NF might be teaching toe-up, two-at-once sock knitting soon and “Anne”: had told me NF was a.k.a. the ‘_toe-up sock goddess_’ so I meandered over and bugged her for a bit about toes and heels, etc. And I finally have some toes that I think may be _the_ toes for me:


My Angel, who they are for, likes them, too. Thanks again Needlefingers and those who pointed me her way!

NF also happened to be spinning on a drop spindle when I went to talk to her, and it was amazing! She made it look so easy and fun. Her and Kate chatted up spinning with me and satisfied my curiosity about spinning – I really want to spin! I’m going to try and make their 2nd Sunday afternoon spin-together this weekend.

Before I ripped and restarted the toes with acquired sage advice on them, I did finish up the washcloth that I started for my friend’s birthday gift.
Can you see the design now?


Very portable, quick and easy project, and I hear that hand-knit cotton washcloths are _the_ best ever for actually washing dishes. Now I should make some for us, eh?

And as an aside in ‘non-knitting’ or ‘to-be-knit-along-with’ news, does anyone else out there watch “The Amazing Race?”:
“Kamryn’s”: mommy organized a just-for-fun pool amongst our friends and family for this season’s race and it’s making it even more fun. I was fortunate enough to draw 3rd pick and my BooHopper (the only other one in my house that enjoys the Race consistantly) was unfortunate enough to draw the last number. My choice was Wanda & Desiree, Mom & Daughter, and BooHopper ended up with Fran & Barry, married for 40 years. It sure was a close one last night for one of us! So, if you do watch it, do you have a fave team picked out yet? Or have a guess as to who you think won’t make it another week?