Just in the nick of time! Again. The Knitting Olympics kept me VERY busy – when I had the chance to knit – the past couple of weeks, so I chose to finish this pair of socks and cure the ailment known as _Second Sock Syndrome_ by finishing this pair I started for my 7 you who was 6 you when I started these and is thrilled to have her PAIR of socks!

p=. !http://static.flickr.com/48/105667685_fddef77bfa_m.jpg(boohopper 6yo socks done!)!:http://www.flickr.com/photos/starzabove/105667685/

Yarn – some glittery baby yarn sport/dk weight I think
Needles – size 7 bamboo dpn’s
Pattern – “Sock it to me, from DIY’s _Knitty Gritty_”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/starzabove/105667685/
Notes – I only cast on 28 instead of the basic pattern’s 40, and made other minor adjustments, according to the pattern, but left the toes at 12 sts to graft.