Mom and I missed the executive rule stating that starting and ending times would be based on the Olympic opening ceremonies, Torino time. We started when it aired here in the U.S. on T.V.
Based on our start and stop times, I finished, with less than an hour to spare. Based on technicalities, I finished a few hours late. So, since it’s an unoffical competition, I’ve asked around, and everyone, so far, has concurred, I deserve a silver medal in the Knitting Olympics ’2006 for starting and completing my first sweater!
And here it is, the D.Weasley sweater on the D.BooHopper, along with my gold medal winning “Mom’s”: E.Weasley on the M&M:

p=. ! Sweaters complete)!:

Details on the D. Weasley sweater:
Pattern: “Weasley Sweater”:
Yarn: “KnitPicks”: “Wool of the Andes”: in Hyacinth (MC – 5 balls) and Violet(Letter “D” – less than half a ball)
Needles – Addi turbos size 4
Started – 2/10/2006
Finished – 2/26/2006
Variations – ribbed neck instead of stockinette. followed pattern for 28 inch chest measurement size so far as inches, but when it goes by stitches, followed the 22 inch chest measurement size, to compensate for gauge (worsted weight yarn instead of sport). when picking up stitches for sleeves it ended up matching the numbers for the 28 inch size, as well.
Notes – I may still add ribbing to the bottom – going to wait a bit and see how she likes it after she wears it a couple of times.

Congrats to everyone who PARTICIPATED in the “Knitting Olympics 2006.”: I know we all learned, and grew from the experience in many ways. And thanks for everyone who cheered me on, and to “Stephanie”: for coming up with such a great idea and hosting it.