I’m up to the neck in the D. Weasley sweater. No, really. I’m up to where I put the bottom of the neck stitches on a holder and work up to the shoulders along the side of the neck. Then it’s sleeves, neck trim and some stitching together. Do you think I’ll make it?

p=. !http://static.flickr.com/31/102287375_7b82944b40_m.jpg(D Weasley)!:http://www.flickr.com/photos/starzabove/102287375/

And for the sock for February for the Sock-A-Month Knitalong, I’ve decided to be practical. I have some Second Sock Syndrome to cure, see. Approximately last May, I started some “anklets for my 6yo”:http://starzabove.com/article/project-progress-added and finished one, never casting on for the second. So, in order to finish my pair this monthand the Olympic sweater, I’ve decided to finish the 2nd one. My daughter is thrilled! Here’s the begininning (it’s kind of weird being on dpn’s again, since I’ve become a magic-looper):

p=. !http://static.flickr.com/43/102329168_dee8919aab_m.jpg(2nd sock for 6yo)!:http://www.flickr.com/photos/starzabove/102329168/

Last, but not least, in knitting news. A couple of nights ago I was able to get the measurements of the head circumference of “favorite little preemie”:http://kamrynlily.com and so I tried doing a wee hat that might actually fit here now. I had a very small ball of the Baby Cashmerino left over and started a top-down hat pattern. Well, suffice to say, it wasn’t enough. So I have to decide between some Bernat Softee Baby or some of this glittery baby yarn to trim it up so that it’s long enough. Which do you think would go better?

p=. !http://static.flickr.com/32/102334550_b54eaa350c_m.jpg(wee baby hat from top down in need of trim)!:http://www.flickr.com/photos/starzabove/102329168/

In other life news, we had a family day yesterday. We were supposed to Saturday but it was just too cold here! We took the little girls to their first movie in a theatre – “Curious George”:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0381971/ and they loved it!
My M&M kept giggling out loud and the BooHopper had a smile on her face almost every time I looked over at her. It was a cute movie. Wouldn’t have been my choice, but I wouldn’t have missed the experience with my little ones for anything. The big girls went next door to us and saw “Nannie McPhee”:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0396752/ which they loved and said was hilarious. The boy took a nap – poor, hardworking guy ;-) Actually he’s not really into movies, well hardly any, and is too practical for his own good, deciding against spending money on a movie he didn’t want to see anyhow. After the movie we all went out to dinner at a buffet-style family restaurant. It was a blast. Relaxing, enjoyable conversation, everyone happy with getting to choose whatever they wanted to eat and however much they wanted (dinner first, of course, then desert). We even got ‘over-served’ since a group of Sorority girls from USI were there doing a fundraiser – I mean, how many times can you say no thanks, we have enough plates, we aren’t finished and we have plenty to drink?!?! It was fun. Although I still wish one of my big girls would’ve taken me up on my $5 offer to get them to tell the Sorority girls that it was The Boy’s birthday and to sing to him – now THAT would’ve been a great memory! And hilarious! I guess I was bad enough teasing him to keep guzzling his drink so they’d come back over and refill it for him. I know, I should be quite happy that he’s not obsessed with girls yet, and I am so proud of the little man he is becoming, but a mama has to have her fun now and then!

_p.s. I’ve added the 2006 Knitting Olympics countdown Timer up there on the top right, many thanks to_ “Anny.”:http://annypurls.blogspot.com/2005_05_01_annypurls_archive.html