and MAN am I TIRED!
But I can just about say we did it.
And as suspected, the wee hours here at the end were the hardest.
Being alone, in the quiet, and the lack of sleep really catching up with me. I came close to falling asleep sitting up several times. The urge to lie my head down on my desk was only thwarted by my messy desk (and _Angel_ started to help me clean it earlier and I chose to knit on the drawing prize instead, good thing, eh?).

I had hoped on sharing more about my experience with Grammie, since she is the closest I have come to my cause – the fight against cancer. Being tired robbed me of my words.

Most of what I would have said, you most likely know. Some of you know it better than others. Some of you know it much more intimately than I do.

I will wrap up my dedication to Grammie by reiterating how special she was – how much she was loved – how much she left behind – so many people’s lives she touched and made better –

I miss my Grammie.

p=. _*I can only imagine….*_