Well, here we are, at the last hour, and I think I may just make it!

And for this time-slot’s dedication, I go to my friend Kathy whose best friend has been battling cancer. She just went 2 weeks ago for a check up and they found more. Next week she has yet another surgery. If the biopsy comes back bad then she has to do round 2 of stronger chemo.

p{padding:0 25px}. _She started loosing some chucks of hair (it was down to her butt or longer??) and she decided to cut it off and donate it to “Locks of Love.”:http://locksoflove.org/ Her hair was still thick enough and long enough that they were able to use it for 2 wigs!_

Here this vibrant, young woman is, going through such trauma herself, and thinks of others…………. amazing!

p=. _*I can only imagine….*_