Another dear friend, wendy, is one of the stories where she has had 3 people in her family experience cancer. Her grandpa’s is prostate cancer and grandma’s is intestinal cancer. And her mom had cervical cancer, and later some spots of melanoma popped up that they were also able to get out of her.
I wouldn’t neccessarily call it ‘lucky’ to have such experience with this illness, but lucky to have made it through, for sure!

bq{padding-left:15px;font-style:italic}. Life is precious, life is sweet
Like the earth beneath my feet
Though I know I’m passing through

I know wendy worries, we all do, some more than others, but that is why we’re doing this, all together, to make a change, and make a difference. To reduce the statistics of sadness and increase the statistics of miracles!

p=. _*I can only imagine….*_