Me : What do you have to say about cancer?
_Him_ : What do i have to say about cancer?
There’s a long pause…..
He grins (as he looks down and realizes that I am typing this.)
_Him_ : ahhhhhhhhh……It sucks the life outta you.
There is a long pause again
I start to wonder if he’s fallen asleep, but he’s not snoring so that’s not really likely.
He reads this again.
_Him_ : I don’t snore!
I giggle.
He smiles
He has a nice smile.
crick crick crick crick
He pinches my nose.
crunch crunch
_Him_ : Pickles, what do you think about cancer?
(He’s inquires of the dog)
_Him_ : He says ‘I got a bone I’m chewin on’
(He’s talking for the dog now)
We both suppose that he’s too busy to debate the evils that plague us right now.
We look at eachother.
We laugh.
_Him_ : I guess I’m gonna get up and go to bed now. I’m tired. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Uhoh, what’s that noise…….snoring?