In anticipation of the “Blogathon”: tomorrow I _should_ be sleeping, but alas, not me. Not the night owl. The insomniac. My sleeping patterns are so horrible and unpredictable and affected by so many things.

Well, anyhoo, just in case you didn’t know, you can go “HERE”: and click on REGISTER and sign-in to make a pledge towards my campaign for the “American Cancer Society”: and it will be GREATLY appreciated, just like the current 8 sponsors who have helped raise $145 in pledges so far! *THANK YOU*
You might have to come back here and click on “our pledge link”: again and then SIGN-IN with your user name and password to get the pledge box to show up. It’s a little tricky, but *worth it.*

I have quite a list of people for the dedications. 28 people so far and growing! This nastiness that is Cancer affects us all – so close to home- so close to our hearts. But more on that tomorrow.

I’m going to finish STRIPPING the design here.
I’ll be open to suggestions for the new design – please submit them via email or here in the comments. I’m on the edge of a creative mode- I can feel it – but I need some help to push me _over the edge._ As if I’m not already there!