_Stay Up Late_

p>. _Make a Difference_

I’ve been yearning to do something, to take the focus from my own self-pity, count my blessings, give back, _SOMETHING._ So I’ve decided, albeit last minute, to take the plunge, and in honor of my “Grammie”:http://starzabove.com/2003/01/24/she-has-her-wings I’m participating in “Blogathon ’2005″:http://www.blogathon.org/blogathon.php?campaign&id=168 and all funds I raise will go to the “American Cancer Society”:https://www.cancer.org/asp/donate/don_multi_donate.asp?navToScreen=don_1

So, should you feel compelled, please let me know, at least by signing in (which you can do anonymously) at the “Blogathon ’2005 site.”:http://www.blogathon.org/blogathon.php?campaign&id=168

Do it for yourself, do it for someone else, do it to honor someone, to give back, to help, in some small way – because after all, we’re all touched, somehow, by the plague that is cancer.

I’ve taken on an -accomplice- co-pilot- the filly (eldest daughter) is going to help and at least give me one shift of sleep. We will be here, making at least one entry every 30 minutes, for a 24 hour time period starting this Saturday, August 6th, at 9 a.m. until the next morning, at 9 a.m. I’ll share about my experience with Grammie and her cancer – I ‘ll share about the other instances of cancer that have affected my life. I’ll also share the great times and amazing benefits that we’ve received in the past being participants in the ACS’s “Relay for Life.”:http://www.cancer.org/docroot/GI/gi_1.asp
Life has gotten in the way (we let it), and circumstances have not been the same (good excuse, eh?) so we haven’t done that for the past 5 years after a 3 or 4 year run of participation in that awe-inspiring event. So I’m going to do this, from my reclining desk chair – in my climate-controlled office, with my loved ones around me, in comfort, and a disase-free body/life. It’s the least I can do.

Who knows what I’ll share when I get tired enough. But I am a nightowl by nature, and I’m willing.

So, from the bottom of my heart I ask……..

p=. _*What will you do to make a difference?*_