So, tomorrow/today I’ll be at “Holiday World”: with the BooHopper and her Brownie troop. The forecast calls for hot, humid and a 40% chance of Thunderstorms, oh joy! We’re scoping the place (our first time there) for the family’s day there in 2 weeks. _His_ company is paying our way in and giving a company picnic for lunch – should be fun.
In honor of “World Wide KIP(Knitting in Public) day”: I am taking along my second sock to my first pair – though I’m not sure if I’ll really have any time what with all of the excitement and 6-7 year olds running around!

I knit a little bit today. A row on the secret surprise (details next week) that I’m working on with the 2 older girls, a couple more rows of the seed stitch ribbing on Trellis (gosh, I love working on it) and I did a row on the “Mystery Stole”: , that I finally caved and started last night. It was my first time doing the crocheted provisional cast on and the video “here”: made it amazingly easy. I’m doing the stole in what I call some _’Surprise Stash’_ because I have no idea what it is or exactly what weight it is or anything. It came from my late Grammie’s left-behind stash. It measures out at about 19wpi(Wraps Per Inch) so it barely qualifies as fingering weight and no where near lace weight, but it’s probably best for my first lace project. I’m not even halfway through the 1st clue that came out last Friday and clue #2 came out today – but I’m still excited about doing it. I wonder who I’ll gift it to…..