That is what I’ve decided to name my version of the “Katia Idea Summer Top”: pattern, that I’m doing in another yarn (color of yarn I’m using=Myrtle, name of yarn supposed to use which pattern is named for=Florida, thrown in for fun=Beach).

So, since I am making this for my 11yo (Angel) – the gauge seems to be right width-wise, but I’m wondering if I should start the sleeves now, at 12 inches instead of 13 3/8 inches like the pattern calls for – this makes me so nervous adapting my first sweater. Really nervous.

So here it is at 12 inches, where I am considering whether to start the sleeve shaping or go on to the length the pattern calls for –

Hopefully the pretty Myrtle green shows up a bit better in this outside shot – the color which Angel just loves :-)