… or anything productive much, around here. This allergy season is proving to be yet another major drain on my life. And it is such an awful thing – I LOVE spring, LOVE flowers, LOVE the out-of-doors. How can something I love so much make me _miserable?_
My _Blue Eyes Sunny Skies_ aka the BooHopper, brought home a lovely, fragrant peony from Gramma’s today. Mom(Gramma) told her she probably shouldn’t, for mommy’s(my) sake. The BooHopper told her she’d put it in her own bedroom away from mommy(me). How sad is that?! And the first time I went in their room this afternoon I smelled it, and WOW it is such a beautiful smell. Too bad I had to leave quick so as to avoid massive sneezing and general sinus misery. I promptly went to our bedroom down the hall and turned the air cleaner on high and shut the door, in hopes of being able to even sleep on the same floor without it affecting me. So sad I tell you.

There’s been some headway made on the workfront this past week – I did have one night of pain-free mental clarity so I took advantage of it and pulled a sem-all-nighter, more like a late-nighter. I did get quite a bit done on the new contract of our new “biz partnership.”:http://pinktagdesigns.com

Then on Sunday, my vehicle broke down – I was out in the country, thank goodness for cell phones and mom living close by, since the guys were out of town on a fishing trip. _He_ headed back as soon as I phoned him with what had happened, and was able to go back out there and get it home, but it wasn’t going to make over the river to the dealer’s shop. So, we had bil(brother-in-law) take it over on his car-hauler Monday. When we phoned Tuesday, to no great surprise, it’s the transmission. It needs to be rebuilt. I guess that’s a bit better than a new one, price-wise, but still a low blow we definitely didn’t need right now. But then do tell me, _when_ is it _ever_ a good time for a vehicle to break down!

I did make a yarn score the other day – I had casted on to try my first stab at a sweater – “this sweater”:http://secure.elann.com/ShowFreePattern.asp?Id=16024 – in “this yarn”:http://www.bernat.com/product.php?LGC=softeechunky&SPP=999 in the myrtle green (love that color). I had sort of a tough time meeting the gauge- adjusting needle size and all, but I figured what the hey, first-time-sweaters are often the wrong size I am guessing, and it will fit _someone_ around here – since we have such a gamut of different sized people. Well, I had only one skein of the yarn, and since it was going well, I decided to go for it, but upon returning to the store where I had picked it up, lo and behold, they didn’t have that color anymore. But, later, it occured to me that maybe I had picked it up out of a reduced-sale bin, and when I went back a few days later, I found 8 more skeins on clearance for 75cents each! Whoo boy, you bet I scooped them all up and ran for the register. So, I’m off and running on a sweater- I think.
(bad indoor lighting at night, but it’s a gorgeous myrtle/moss green, really)

Actually I casted on for another one, out of cotton, but I’m really unsure of that one, so it was really just another dabbing-my-toe-in-the-waters type thing, that only God knows how it will turn out.
(more bad lighting, but this is white and green and variations in between)

The only other thing I’ve really done was at the last of our 3-part sock knitting class, I casted on and have since finished the top ribbing and first few rows of the second sock to go with “this one.”:http://starzabove.com/article/528/it-actually-looks-like-a-sock
All I’m hoping for is somewhat of a match.

I feel the need for some accomplishment these days. So maybe it will come in the form of knitting, or maybe not.

I miss “Jill.”:http://flirtocity.com She’s in the hospital with her wee one, not a great place to be. Good thoughts and prayers going their way.