So, Mother’s Day was swell. Nice, and relaxing (despite my allergy misery). I was properly spoiled. _He_ cooked (not just a cook, but a _chef_ really) for mom and I and sis and kim. It was glorious. I received roses, one for each child and one for _him_. Some great hand-made cards – the best. A very loving card from _him_. The boy suprised me with a new “popper”: (the old one was getting so bad it had a hole melted in it and was almost impossible to clean well. The 2 older girls bought me a new adjustable lamp, perfect for knitting while sitting “here”: . The early Father’s Day gift for _him_ and Mother’s Day gift for me. Wow, is it nice! It’s been so long since we’ve purchased a new piece of furniture. So great to recline when I’m tired but lying horizontally increases my sinus pressure. And leather, I was not sure about that, but the ability to easily keep it clean enticed me, and it turns out that it’s really soft. And no dust, etc. will build up in it, another plus.

So how was your Mother’s Day?