Well, it finally came – the poor UPS guy – he didn’t make it to our door until 7p.m. and he said he wished he could say he was near done, but he in fact wasn’t. And my dear, daughter was watching out the front window, jumping at every car passing, all day long.

So, we know NOTHING about violins or fiddles, so thank goodness for “Google”:http://www.google.com and the Internet, because the thing didn’t make a sound when she pulled the bow across it, at first. We had to figure out how to rosin the bow, and tighten the strings, and place the bridge on it. Wow. I had NO idea. Here I am just singing that ol’ Charlie Daniel’s Band song.

After some patience and perseverance, it started to make sounds. Not the wonderful, classic-type sound we often hear, but more like screeches and hisses, but it’s getting there. Now she is going to need to do some research, read some, listen some, maybe get some video classes. The more I read, though, a real live teacher would really give her the best leg up. Coming from a family of autodidactics, this is not the normal route, but in fact, may be the best course of action, so we’ll research that, too. The girl needs a job! Or I need to work more! Oy. The firstborn has been relatively unexpensive in this area. His hobbies are fishing (primarily bass) and online gaming. This one, she’s interested in things like horses, and violins, and joining a medieval themed group like “SCA.”:http://www.sca.org The girl comes with more of a price tag, and we have several more to go, oy vey!