A great-Aunt?! That can’t be! That makes me sound *_OLD!!! _*

Well, _his_ niece just had her first baby a few weeks ago. She’s adorable. And _he’s_ 4 1/2 years older than I am. And his sister was like 12-15 years older than him. And she was very young when she had his niece. And his niece is only a year younger than I am. So it’s not that odd, that I’m a great-Aunt at such a *_young_* age, right?

Ah well, I only wish we lived closer to them so that I could spoil Rylee to pieces. They live in VERY southern California, and here we are way out in the midwest. We’d love to visit them. So someday we will. Our family would just LOVE to take an RV vacation. We are travelers, and would love to see all that lies between the points. Maybe even go all the way up California, visit the l’il bro, Dad, Grandmother, friends, all the way up to the PacNorWest and Seattle. Could be some fun.