I do blog quite a bit about the weather (when I do blog) but I pay so much attention to the weather. It affects me so much. My moods, my plans, etc. I have a “weather”:http://www.weather.com button in any browser I use for any length of time at all. I have the weatherfox extension on my “FireFox”:http://mozilla.org/products/firefox browser’s toolbar. But I still check the weather several times a day. Am I weird? Does anyone else do this? Is it a mild form of OCD?

Anyhoo, it is a gorgeous 69 degrees F ( 21 C) and I’m sitting out here on the swing. The girls are all running around enjoying the outside. Even Zanya. She’s up in the top of the apple tree, and the girls are concerned. I keep reminding them that she got up she can get down and besides, she is a much better climber than they are anyway.

We attempted to fly the li’l girls’ kite again today. We had better luck yesterday – it stayed up for a minute or two at least before the wind would die down. But today the wind keeps shifting directions along with coming up and dying down, so it’s a pretty much useless idea today.

The boy is still in hibernation. He likes the out of doors, but he doesn’t like the cold. He wears a jacket in anything below 80 I think. Well, close to it.

The filly went in to grab my camera so I can catch a shot of Zanya in the tree. I hope she hurries up before the cat figures out how to get down from there.

Sis is not enjoying the out of doors – she keeps saying ‘uhoh’ and ‘I forgot’ and looking towards the back door. I guess we’d better take her inside. Angel is trying to entertain her – she gets along with her so well – it’s sweet.

Baby Darlin’ hasn’t reappeared. She snuck out barefooted, and I sent her back in for shoes. Oh, there she is now. In a summer dress, of course – such the girly-girl! The BooHopper is in a sleeveless shirt, I swear kids have the most odd sense of temperature.

Okay, I had to go in and get my camera myself – is she a teenager or what? ;-)

I caught this great shot of the cat in the tree, and a red cardinal landed just above her on another branch – wild!

Oh no! A mosquito just landed on me! NO!!!! I’m outta here – er, I mean I’m going inside already… grrrrrrrrrrrr….