(as opposed to ‘what’s hot, what’s not’)
Cool………… a twentysomething metalhead that has the heart to do something different and phone everyone he loves on his birthday to make up for his lack of organization at remembering to phone his loved ones on their birthdays.

Fool………… someone who on their journal, or otherwise, thinks that admitting that he is a jerk (or other expletive with similar definition) gives him license to continue on the path of being one and hurting people. Get a clue – if you are really smart enough to realize your problem, you are smart enough to make an attempt to fix it, not just expoit the ones you hurt.

Cool………… moonlight on pretty much any body of water – even if it is flooded fields that appear lake-like in the darkness.

Fool…………. animals that will choose to run in front of bright headlights attached to large, speeding, hunks of metal that are capable of smashing them, instead of running safely off in the other direction away from the disaster-waiting-to-happen.