Last night we watched some of the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour”: , I think it was part 2, with friends. “Bill Engvall”: was taking about deer, and he mentioned something to the effect that if they’d just make bullets shaped liked mini-vans and put headlights on them, that deer would run right in front of them………… well, today, I had an experience which lends to validating this hypothesis. Now, remember, my philosophy about animals and cars, is that I will do my very best to avoid running into animals that run out in front of me, only to the point that I will not risk my life or the lives of others in the process. So, in the hours before daylight this morning, as I am driving along a country road, I turn a corner, come on a bit of a straight stretch, and see a deer standing just off the road on the right, munching on grass or something. So, I do my best, I hit the brakes firmly, so as to stop as soon as possible withouth throwing myself off of the road and into danger. I swerve to the left hand side of the road, ready to swerve back to the right, in case she runs, which she does do as I come upon her, but to the best of my abilities, we both fall short. SMACK! I only caught her with the left front of my vehicle, but it was enough of an impact to roll her over on the left hand side of the road. I did stop, and back up, and squint into the darkness lit only by the light of a just-appearing-fairly-bright-moon, and found her running off into the wilderness, apparently in fairly good shape. Thank goodness.
So, my question is, should I have called out to the doe saying, “Here’s your sign”, or just continued on to “Git-R-done”? And yes, I know that I am NOT a redneck.