Things are spinning out of control. In slow motion.
I’m trying to see the bright side of things, really.
It just seems so cloudy, so hazy.
My Vanilla Ice Cream had 6 babies, whose father is obviously a very handsome tabby, somewhere out there, last week.
My oldest girl is very happily volunteering twice a week at the local humane society and they love her there.
My oldest, my boy is hunting for his first real job.
Him and i are partnering on a hosting business, we are leasing a server and the whole tamale. Steep learning curve, but starting to level off finally.
Have several projects in the hopper.
My focus is very out-of-it, though. Just when I really need it.
Husband started a new job with the state this week. He’s so frustrated.
The younger girls are enjoying the summer, especially swimming in Gramma’s lake a couple, few times a week.
They are all growing so fast.
And life keeps me distracted.
Oh, and I shot a wedding this past weekend. Have several hundred photos to sort through, edit and retouch.
Seems like an early summer here again. It’s pretty hot out there.
Hopefully husband is not out working in it.

Well, that’s enough of a mental break, now back to this pile of work here. Praying for focus and mental clarity………….