tell ME about it. But my allergies are consuming my life, really.
They are affecting every part of it, I really think so.

Now, my deep, pondering question of the moment is – How awful is it to pull a muscle SNEEZING?!?
I really did, I was at the back door letting the dog in from his last ‘outing’ for the night, and I stood there, grasping for the door to hold onto as I felt yet ANOTHER killer sneeze coming on, and I felt a muscle pull in my leg. Ugh! Major Ugh!

Now, as a side note, just in case you are interested, and for the record, I am a serious sneezer. I try really hard to warn people when I am about to sneeze. I can’t control it, quiet it down, or dampen it in any way, trust me, I have tried! So picture Queen Sneeze here, always on the verge of a sneeze, at every even slightly, waking moment, belting out these horrendous sneezes, repeatedly, since they hardly come as just one. And then there are the itchy, puffy, watery eyes, with dark circles under them, I am such a sight. Good thing I am not getting out much these days. If it’s pollen flying through the air that is killing me, I figure I have some protection in the house, though with this quaint, turn-of-the-century house I am not so sure tons of pollen isn’t creeping in the cracks, and every time the door is open.

You wouldn’t believe how many times I have sneezed just while I’ve been typing this entry. And I’m a fairly fast typist. I did take a Benedryl (which is only safe for me to take at night) about 45 minutes ago, so I had probably better wind up this whine before I start writing REALLY WEIRD stuff, LOL.

p{text-align:center;font-size:24px;}. ACHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!