Seriously, I keep thinking of things to write here and I just don’t.
I need to, for my sanity’s sake; for a creative outlet; for therapy; for outreach.

So when do I finally post? When I’m buried in a list of to-do’s so long I can’t see straight.

Procrastinate much?

School is stressful – but only 2 1/2 weeks of classes and then finals.

The kids are great – but I need to spend more time.

I still need to do some paperwork and find another source of income.

California may be out.
China may be out.
School is on the line, with only 1 year left to go.

My girl will be back from Japan in 46 days. And yes, there is a counter on my phone’s home screen.
She’s been gone almost 8 months. It’s been incredibly difficult on my heart. But she’s had an amazing experience and wants to go back. Someday.

I need to get an iPhone. I’ve dragged my feet about going back to the iWorld for a long time now, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay up with everything, especially in my journalism classes. Today it finally became a necessity. So as soon as I trip over an extra couple of Benji’s.
I’ve enjoyed my Razr Android. But it’s time.

Oh, and this weather, it sucks.
It was late spring weather a couple of days ago and now I’m surrounded by pots of flowers and plants that had to be brought in tonight because we have a freeze warning.
Get your arse back here, Spring!