We moved yesterday.  Again.  This time it was only a hundred yards or so, in order to gain another couple of hundred square feet.  And another bedroom.  And more space.  It was crazy, but definitely worth it.  And we did the majority of the move in a matter of 4-5 hours.  My children are truly amazing.  It was just them and me.  Now we are surrounded by unpacked boxes, out of place furniture and quite a mess.  And we still have to go and clean the old place out.  But it was another move forward, and that is the goal – to always move forward.

In observing those around me and their relationships something came to me earlier today.  I wanted to tell someone to not forget to live live for themselves, and not just other people.  I know that there is much to be gained from giving to others, sharing with others and putting others first.  But I’m realizing that you can’t always just live for others.  There is much to be gained in a life in which you watch, help, teach and take part in other people’s lives.  Especially those you truly love.  But you can’t lose yourself in that – you still have to live for yourself, too.  It’s one thing to realize this, and yet another to live it.  And in this discovery it is very important to me to keep perspective, to not go overboard or to any extreme.  Very important. 

So for now I want to keep focused on the happy things, the little and the big, and the things that keep us growing and moving forward.  Things like moving your plants in the basket of your bicycle and  how bizarre but at the same time beautiful that can look.

Moving plants on my bike