I am thankful for many usual things this year: my family, home(s), animals, food, etc. But I am also thankful for having a phone again. Silly, I know, but this is the 21st century and I am a bit of a geek!

We enjoyed a very, nice and quiet Thanksgiving at our new 2nd home yesterday, with just the immediate family. It was a bit strange, not being surrounded by chaos and many relatives/friends, but it was a nice and needed, easygoing day. Christmas will return to the normally scheduled chaosity (new word?) and we will look forward to it, but we are in a place where we needed the calm, the ‘just us’ time and it was very nice.

I’m not doing so well on the NaBloPoMo, insofar as posting every day of the month. But I have posted far more this month than I have in the past year or two – so it’s a step, towards more regular posting.

And now it’s time for cramming – the end of my first semester back at college has come, and I have 4 major papers and 2 major exams left to do, along with printing photographs for the department Holiday Art Sale, and a final critique/review – and then I am done! I am *SO* looking forward to a month off, to catch my breath, before the next semester starts and I add a class or two more to my load. Crazy, I know. But it is exciting, really. And I have to keep busy, so I don’t sit here and worry myself crazy about waiting to hear about my acceptance to the University.

Well, enough procrastination for now. Bring on the essay writing, bring on the leftovers and bring on the official beginning of the Christmas 2011 Season!!!