Can you listen to music and write? What song did you hear today? (NaBloPoMo Prompt for the day)

Let me reverse that – can I NOT listen to music while I write? Maybe, but I honestly don’t know. My girls are the same – whatever we are doing that we CAN have music on in the background usually DOES have music on in the background while we are doing it. Now, there are times when reading or homework needs either quiet, or my preference, simple classical music. And different tasks, different times of the day, different moods all require different music, usually.

Lately, my favorite is Joss Stone. I have a Joss Stone Pandora Station and Joss is who I’ve listened to the most on my Spotify account, as well. LOVE. HER. VOICE. Haven’t heard her? Go – listen – NOW! You won’t be sorry. My recommendation: listen to her before you have a look at her and it’s kind of a fun surprise 😉

So, I heard many songs today, but the one that stood out the most? Probably Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”. It’s a favorite of mine – love her voice, too!

Take a listen, do some writing, good stuff:

Adele – Rolling in the Deep