It’s only been dark a couple of hours in Tucson, Arizona. The second of many dark nights to come. And I keep thinking about the mom.

It was just a day ago, and everything was all right. Or it should’ve been.

The irony.

She gave birth to a beautiful, baby girl on one of the most horrific days in our nation’s recent history, 9.11.01. That in and of itself is quite the complex of emotions.
And then, less than 10 years later, she loses her, on another horrific day.

My heart goes out to her, as well as the Congresswoman, and the others.

I know this little girl – Christina Greene – is safe now, looking down upon us all, and most likely, she is especially looking down to her parents, hoping that their hearts are filled with some peace, even a little peace, that escapes understanding.

The pain, the unknowing loss, the indescribable depth of turmoil. We shall not hate, even when hate acts out and steals from us, steals the life away from us that has touched us beyond measure.

I imagine the tears, the swollen eyes, the immense amounts of tissue, and perhaps even a little medication to only temporarily ease her suffering, since we cannot even begin to judge her situation. Everyone around her, dealing in their own way with their sorrow and trying beyond measure to help relieve her of some of hers, in any infantesimal way, if possible.

There are many things to pray for, many people to send good thoughts to, many others who lost pieces of their hearts yesterday, but this young one stands out to us the most.

And her mother. Her mom. Her mommy. My heart goes out to her tonight.