Our first calf on the property was born this morning – on BooHopper’s birthday, to boot!
So far, I haven’t gotten close enough to confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt, but it _looks_ like we have a heifer! (baby girl cow) This is awesome! We want lots of girls – we only need one bull (boy cow).
We have another cow that looks like she’ll deliver soon, too.

We recently lost another duckling (M&M was distraught once again) and we are down to 4 of them – 1 pekin and 3 others. It’s goes with the territory – losses as well as gains.

The garden is going quite well. It’s 90% built, we are in maintenance and replanting-as-we-harvest mode, for the most part. I haven’t been able to finish it with all that’s being going on lately.

We had a great surprise when Dad & Melodie showed up for a long overdue visit. It was so awesome seeing them. Too bad we still had to work while they were here, and then I was pretty sick the 2nd week they were here. After visiting us for a couple of weeks (tho, they stayed in a town 20 minutes away, not here on the property with us) they headed out to D.C., N.Y. and Vermont, where they are still now, so far as I know. How I wish they lived closer, out here somewhere, like on that 50 acres down the road from us, even part of the year…. we’d all love it!