Today’s focus will be on starting the job of finishing up the insides of our addition. It’s getting colder! Much wiring, insulation and framing will ensue!

First we have to do some shifting-of-the-stuff, since we are using the addition as our bedrooms already. Then, after a trip to town for supplies He will start framing in a wall and loft around our room. And then will come the wiring and insulation.

Next week we’ll make another supply run and probably do more insulation and then start with the drywall to cover it for now. Eventually we’ll have self-milled wood paneling on our walls, but that takes time. That kind of time will also see the temporary linoleum replaced with hardwood flooring.

Next on the agenda will be the joining rooms, a room-size breezeway and 2 bedrooms, to join the 2 cabins into one house. It’ll still be a ‘Little House on a Big Planet’ but it will be enough for us!