I don’t have her permission to tell her story. So I won’t use her name and I won’t tell all of her story. To be sure I don’t know the whole story – just the basics, so far.
Because Sombrero Woman is in remission!
She was diagnosed in September of ’05 as the result of a stroke with throat cancer. After doses of both radiation and chemotherapy she was reported to be in remission!
Now this still means that she has to be checked out on a regular basis. But so far, so good. Cancer – not!

It’s awful what she had to go through. It’s awful for anyone to go through having their body exposed to radiation and chemicals. It strips your immunities (which, incidentally, Sombrero woman reminds us that she has none), it makes you weak and ill, all in an effort to make you well. Irony.
But it’s glorious that she caught it, she fought it, and she is currently cancer-free!

We need more research – we need more information for our battle. Please help!